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Without sacrificing quality, CRIOSWEB has grown along with the web design / web development market, as a witness the rich web design portofolio.

Web Hosting

CRIOSWEB offers premium web hosting with plenty of space on servers located in Europe (Romania), uptime guaranteed 99.9%.


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Lucian Sabo

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"website provider"

  • we create high quality websites for 19 years now
  • over 140 websites and web applications created
  • we don't play with WYSIWYG editors like others - we write our own source-code
  • we make fast, usable websites, always delivered on time, friendly with search engines and humans
  • 100% valid XHTML & CSS websites

We take care off all website related stuff

The option of having a single service provider for all web-related services, from the website development, to maintenance, web hosting, SEO, has proved to be the most affordable and efficientă method for the customers, especially since such a provider can understand much better the inter-connections of the whole process, solving problems more rapidly than a single service provider focused on a single service.

It is more convenient to work with one company that solves all technical problems. Otherwise - let's face it - nobody has time to bounce like a ping-pong ball between different providers for domain registration, websites creation, content management, web hosting, optimization and search engine submission, etc.

Latest web design projects


Plasticom website was finalized

04-25-2011Our old customers, the company Plasticom from Titu, Romania, wanted to create a brand new website, to upgrade the old one, created by us in 2004. Meanwhile, the technology evolved, we gained more experience, and the result pleased both the client and us. Tehnologies used: PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery. The source code has been validated by W3C as standard XHTML 1.0 Transitional


StampaTrans website has been finalized

03-17-2011A STAMPA is on the road all year round covering all major routes within Romania and throughout Europe, especially Romania-Italy routes and return. The website is available in two languages: romanian and english. The site contains an advanced quotation request form, where customers can send requests straight from the website. Tehnologies used: PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery. The source code has been validated by W3C as standard XHTML 1.0 Transitional


We have finalized the Pavigil website (Spain)

10-27-2010Using a relatively new technology - that of imprinted concrete - which is enjoying great popularity in Spain, Pavigil offer these services in the Valencia area. This site presents in a clear and simple manner Pavigil`s services and visitors can consult a photo gallery with some previous works. The site was created using PHP as server-side language. As client-side technologies, have been used: XHTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS. pavigil.com was optimized for search engines, and also benefited from an optimization of the loading speed.


A few words from the management...

"[...] We can say with the greatest responsibility that we cannot think of a business that do not require a website. The evolution of the Internet in the recent years has been mind blowing, as confirmed by spectacular growth of the number of users and registered domains.

Today most people are searching for information on the Internet, and if you don't have a meaningful presence on the Internet, then you do not exist for those people. Technically CRIOSWEB has a rich experience in delivering standard compliant websites/web-applications - from the simple to the complex, with dynamic content, by using databases, server-side technologies, etc.

In this respect, I invite you to visit the WebDesign Portfolio section.

We provide professional web services from 2003, and since then we are continually evolving and keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the field. We offer an extensive range of web services including domain registration, PHP/MySQL web hosting, web development and other complementary services such as logo design, website (content) administration, SEO, consulting.[...]"

Lucian SABO (Eng.)